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Hillcrest Memorial Park :30 TV

After the message concept has been decided and the script has been written, the project is handed to production. Ad Mark utilizes the services of an excellent, recognized Video Production expert based in the unlikely-named village of Pumpkin Center at the lower end of the great San Joaquin Valley in Central California.

We've had an excellent, productive relationship for 20 years and if advertising has changed, video production has changed even more during that time. Gone are the days of using analog tape. Today with his camera recording in 16x9 HD format to a tiny chip, your signal never touches tape. The final video project or TV commercial is produced and loaded to DVDs or sent to the broadcast stations via a satellite distribution system. When received by the TV stations, a TV spot is loaded directly to the hard drive of their computer- operated control system to be seen in its original clarity on your HD home screen.

This is another example of Ad Mark embracing change to help your business take advantage of the leading edge of marketing technology.

Very soon, we'll post some examples of TV spots and video projects that have been conceived, written and produced by Ad Mark with the assistance of our video production partner.

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